Welcome to our BTT website! For over two months we worked very hard to create websites, coding them in HTML and using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). All students did a fantastic job! Have fun exploring.

Notre classe

Period C

Grace Baines : Greece
Ava Brown : History of Dogs
Jaydon Cheema : Toronto
Charlie Doering : Alpacas
Kenzani Edwards : Toronto/CN Tower
Ella Enns : Sloths
Olivia Fox : Thailand
Abigail Franceschetti : World Travel
Niav Fullerton : Les tigres
Luke Hamann : Dinosaurs
Andrew Holt : Mars Space Travel
Grace Kenny : Claire Macleod

Michael Kot : Electric Cars
Claire Macleod : Apple
Jack McKenzie : Lemurs
Colin McLeod-Demers : The Hubble Telescope
Raia Parekh : Grace Kenny
Ralston Robinson : Marylin Monroe
Kasey Rockley : Paris
Erika Roeger : Marie Curie
Hana Tran : Throughout the 90s
Nicole Vitorino : Violins
Veronica Walker : Llamas
Evan Woodworth : Hippos