About Lemurs

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Lemurs are small little animals who live in the small island in southern africa called Madagascar.The word Lemur comes from the come from the word lemures meanig ghost or spirit in roman mythology, the word lemur was first ever used to slender loris do to the nocturnel habits and lack of speed,but later applipied to these animals on madagascar.

Since africa has a highly seasonal climate,the evelution of lemurs has pruduce a high rate of different diversity as much as any primate group.later humans arived on the island around 2,000 years people said that there were some lemurs that were around the same size as a male gorilla.now there are bout 100 types lemurs,now lemurs are about 2.5 inches tall around the size of a medium size dog.


Humans don't really look at lemurs as being as smart as apes or monkeys,Lemurs dont' just have the exat thumb futures as humans,but there as inteligent or more than monkey or apes.Lemurs can learn patterns and they also have have object description skills.Lemus can learn tasks that are even too confusing for apes and monkeys for example, they can organize sequencesnces and from memory and performing simple arithmetic. Lemurs can also learn to use tools for humans.