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Nobody can forget the era during 1990-1999...the 90s. The 90s brought tv shows and movies like Friends, Full House, The Matrix, and Titanic. They have also brought us some legendary muscians such as Nirvana, The Notorious B.I.G, and Mariah Carrey. Believe it or not a lot of the trends and pop culture of the 90s is still with us today in 2018. From the fashion to the games we play the 90s are making a come back.

Loads of revolutionary events also had happened in the 90s...

1990 — Nelson Mandela is released from prison and becomes the new leader of the ANC.
1990 — The Hubble Bubble Telescope was launched into space
1991 — Availability of the internet (for unrestricted commercial use)
1992 — Disneyland is built in France
1993 — Free Trade Agreements (in North America) are signed
1994 — Nelson Mandela becomes the first multi-racial president of South Africa
1994 — The Channel Tunnel was completed joining France and Britain
1995 — The World Trade Organization was made
1995 — The Language of Java Script is released
1996 — The first clonned animal was create (Dolly the Sheep)
1997 — The first Harry Potter book was published
1998 — the first iMac from Apple is released
1999 — The Mars Polar was launched.

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