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By: Andrew Holt

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Mars is a planet in our solar system, that is one planet farther away from the sun than the earth is.

Mars is mostly red, and consists of mostly rock. It is the most believed to have life on it because it has shown sings of having water located on its surface at some point during its lifetime.

There have been many expeditions to Mars, which most have been successful, while none of them have had people on them, only rovers to collect samples of rock and other objects for further examination.

On this website, you will learn a lot about space travel to Mars; the present, the past, and the future. You will also learn about the different expeditions to Mars. I hope you enjoy.

Please note: This website was not made for informational purposes, it was made to show my knowledge on making a website, and lots of hard work was put into this. It will not be updated as of the release date. (April 2018).

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Mars Facts and Info

Mars is a planet in out solar system that is made up of mostly rock and metals. It is red due to the colour of rock on the surface and is the most similar planet to earth, along with Venus. The climate and temperature on Mars is very brutal; the temperatures reaching almost -150°C.

It was always believed that aliens may exist on Mars, but the combination of dryness and coldness has resulted in most scientists leaving that thought behind them. However, some people believe that there used to be water on mars, and ravines on the surface show where water once flowed thousands and thousands of years ago.