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An electric car Concept car Tesla

An electric car is a plug in electrical vehicle that is propelled by one or more batteries that uses energy stored in rechargeable batteries. Also known as electric drive vehicle, electric cars have grown to become a very popular because they do not burn gasoline.

For many years electric cars have existed, but have not become such a great deal until now. Due to improvements and advancements in technology and batteries, electric cars have really redeemed their status as vehicles. With the desire to save our environment and cut on fossil fuels, electric cars may become one of our saving graces. With corporations such as Tesla, electric cars have changed in design and safety and wish to be in everyone’s driveway.

Electric cars are quiet and in fact cheaper to own. Since gasoline has gone up in price, maintaining a gasoline powered vehicle is a real inconvenience. Sure electric cars have to be charged, but they will make a huge difference on your spendings. In addition, electric cars are the fastest accelerating vehicles and are becoming less and less expensive so everyone can afford one.

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