Llama' Llamas Llama

Llamas, or lama glamas as they are known scientificaly, are a South American relative of the camel although they have no hump. On average, adult llamas are around 47" at the shoulder and 250 pounds. They can be many shades of brown, gray, black, white, red, beige, and roan in between. They also come in a variety of patterns including dots and splotches.

Llamas belong to the Cemelids family. Camelids are large, herbavorious, long legged and slender necked mamals. Camelids do not have hooves, they have two toed feet with hard nails and soft pads. There are three catagories of camelids; camelus, lama, and vicugna. In the camelus catagories there's three species. The bactrian camel (camelus bactrianus), wild bactrian camel (camelus ferus), and the dromedary/arabian camel (camelus dromedarius). As far as the lama catagory goes there's two spicies; the llama (lama glama) and the guanaco (lama guanicoe). Last but not least there is the vicugna catagory. I that catagory ther is two spicies; the alpaca (vicugna pacos) and the vicuña (vicugna vicugna). For the purpose of this website I will just be focusing on the llama.

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