Welcome! We are happy that you are interested in viewing our websites. For over two months we worked very hard to create our sites, coding them in HTML and using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). To get an idea of how we learned to write the code, have a look at the resources we used at w3schools.com. Below are links to all of our fantastic sites. For the best rendering, please use Google Chrome as your browser. To see class photos, click on the links "Period A" and "Period G". Have fun exploring.

Le sport

La natation
La planche à neige
La danse
L'histoire des Olympiques
L'histoire du soccer
Le volleyball
La danse
L'histoire du football

Les animaux

Le lynx
Les pumas
Les perroquets
Les tigres
Les baleines
Les tortues marines
Les renards

La nourriture

Le chocolat
Les ananas
Les bananes
Le gâteau
Le café

Les personnages

Carey Price
Ryan Lochte
Charlie Chaplin
Michael Phelps
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Jonathan Toews
Pink Floyd
Marilyn Monroe
Led Zeppelin
Coco Chanel
My Little Pony
Muhammad Ali


Le Titanic
Les Dieux et les Déesses Greques
Ford Motors
Le début de la première guerre mondiale
Alexandre le Grand
La Bataille des Thermopylae

La géographie

Le Japon
La France