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Violins have made people felt touched or impactful or people even use them on how to stay
calm (Meditation mechanism).
Myself, i've loved the violin ever since i was a little girl, it has
touched my heart especially the sound. It has since then been my main priority to learn
everything about it and even learn how to play it myself. I'm still learning till this day and so on.
The layout of this website is the history will have the first violins, violins in the 16th century,
and how they are today plus some of the reasons as to why I love violins. Then below there would be famous players such as lindsey stirling, wolfgang amadeus mozart, and jascha heifetz.
Last but not least there is the manufacturing: old style, how it is put together, and the new style.

history famous players manufacturing
first violin lindsey stirling old style
violins in 16th century Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart How it is put together
today Jascha Heifetz new style

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